About us

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The best catalog of specialized products.

Industrify es una plataforma especializada de fácil acceso, que permite automatizar la interacción entre clientes y sus empresas proveedoras, creando una comunidad de confianza al momento de requerir productos o servicios con la finalidad de obtener mayores oportunidades de mercado. Through Industrify, companies manage their products, allowing them to publish prices, features and personalized descriptions for their customers in real time. Knowing the importance of improving experiences when making a negotiation, Industrify allows you to contact suppliers in an agile way, simplifying the communication process, and without the need to resort to intermediaries.

Benefits for Companies and Suppliers:
  • Greater market opportunities.
  • Online product management.
  • Presence in specialized platform.
Benefits for Users:
  • Direct contact with companies without intermediaries. (Free).
  • Price of updated products.
  • Instant negotiation opportunity.